You’re On Planet Weird!

Get to know all the characters On Planet Weird…

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Stoney the Panda

Stoney is pretty much exactly what you see, a chill panda. He loves to skate, surf, snowboard, and EAT! When he’s not being super active he is chillin’ with his friends Jolly Donut and Lil’ Bud. Stoney loves the beach and really enjoys the sunshine. He recently opened up a very successful vegan ice cream truck! He is a great friend & will always be there for you.

Baby unicorn

Baby Unicorn is a true badass. She loves to skate, shop, and sing. Her favorite food is ice cream.  She enjoys frolicking in the grass and eating wild mushrooms. In her spare time, you can find her standing up for women's rights & equality. She loves listening to Hannah Montana and Miley music.

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Jolly donut

Jolly Donut was born with a huge smile on his face, so his parents named him Jolly in hopes that he would forever be happy. Jolly has followed his lifelong dream of opening a taco truck! Tacos are his favorite food & he is thrilled to be able to travel around On Planet Weird selling his artisanal tacos.